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The name Al-Uzza (meaning "Powerful One") was the title of an Arabic Goddess associated with the founding of Mohammed's tribe.

It was also the name of a ship once known as ΚΡΙΣΤΙ, docked in Southampton. It was bound for the Far East, by way of Malaga, Tunis, and Alexandria, and finally Gaza.


  • Weary days and nights march on. A storm catches the ship and you are forced to lend your strong back to the efforts of the crew to save themselves.
  • Huge waves crash across the decks. You barely save your mule, but your pack and nearly all your belongings are washed away.


  • The next day, the Captain thanks you by giving good advice, "You are not a king in these lands, so do not be quick to draw your sword for you will be surrounded by enemies. Be careful who you trust and never pay bribes with too much coin".


  • You join the crew in sharing several rounds of wine as they wait for the tide to change so they may enter Gaza port.


  • The wine flow freely after such a long and arduous journey. Soon, you fall into a very deep, dreamless sleep.

Behind the scenes[]

Al-ʻUzzā (العزى‎) was a goddess in the pre-Islamic Arabic religion. She corresponds to Aphrodite/Venus.