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The Apple of Truth was offered by Tamra to King Arthur when he met her in the Street of David in Jerusalem. She made him choose among one simple apple, one healing apple and the apple of truth, which was worth 1 dinar.

Having eaten that apple, the Truth Spell of the Seeress made the people of the bazaar spoke the truth to him, opened their hearts and spoke about their troubles and wants. Arthur was tested on acting upon that knowledge.

Behind the scenes[]

By not buying the apple of truth, the player can still buy things from the bazaar and solve some riddles, however at some points the guards will attack Arthur, thinking him to be the Thief.

Eating the apple will affect the following people:

Ismail ibn Hamid
he will admit that he wants only his money. Immediately after he will exclaim "Chas V'Chalila!" (God forbid) surprised to say so.
Achmed ibn Yahya
will tell to Arthur his problem with his inn and his cousin
Farabi ibn Khalid
will admit that he wants to sell something and tell about his 'hidden' wares inside, including a mirror.
Tariq ibn Rashid
will tell his problem with his cousin, Achmed.
will confess to Arthur that she is tired of felafel and longs for some lamb
Fawaz ibn Nafi
will admit that his problem is the scent from Hayyam ibn Aziz's shop
Ibrahim ibn Bushir
will confess his troubles concerning his wife and Mari.