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King Arthur Pendragon is the King of all the Britons, king of Camelot and the Summer Lands, of the Pendragon line is the protagonist of Conquests of Camelot. He is the son of Uther Pendragon. He is married to the lady Gwenhyver. In the game he goes on a journey to find the Grail to save his kingdom.


Arthur was born the son of Uther Pendragon, King of the Britons. Arthur was conceived and born in Tintagel, then was taken away and raised in secret by the wizard, Merlin. When Arthur reached manhood, he proved he was the true king by drawing a sword from a stone. This sword broke in battle and he received another sword, Caliburn (later renamed Excaliber), from the Lady of the Lake.

He gathered valiant knights around him and built a round table so they would all sit as equals around it. He built the magnificent stronghold of Camelot. He married Gwenhyver (or Guinevere) and though she loved him, she also loved one of his greatest knights, Sir Launcelot. Launcelot loved her and was forever torn between this love and his loyalty to Arthur.

According to legend King Arthur brought back a sliver of the True Cross from Jerusalem on his journey home.[1]

Arthur fought and won many battles, but was finally mortally wounded by his own nephew-son, Mordred. He was not buried, but was carried away by three Fairy Queens on a boat to the mysterious island of Avalon, where he was to be cured of his wounds and then sleep until the day he was needed again.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Arthur is a silent protagonist; in the whole duration of the game, no dialogue is spoken by Arthur, other than the player's commands to talk to a character or ask about a topic.
  • Arthur's sprite changes several forms in the game, according to the attire and the situation, see Arthur's appearance.
  • Arthur speaks from the tapestry in the Abbey in Conquests of the Longbow during a special easter egg. Arthur on a horse can be see in the image on the tapestry as well.

Animations of Arthur's deaths[]

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