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Black Knight
Black knight.png
Vital statistics
Title Knight
Gender male
Race unknown
Faction None
Health 3 hits
Location Forest Perilous

The Black Knight is an evil entity, part of Forest Perilous; he binds its power with him with magic. He is the evil power that that makes the forest so perilous.


Whatever his true identity was, he had magic powers and knew King Arthur and was aware of Merlin's power.

Some of his deeds was to forge the boar spear and to enchant Lady Elayne; and presumably he was the cause of the dead knight's demise.

He would use an enchanted crow as a messenger to taunt his challenges..

When Gawaine went to Glastonbury Tor, the Black Knight challenged him to a joust before proceeding further; Gawaine lost and was chained on an ancient tree.

Later when Arthur came to find him, the crow, and then the Knight himself challenged him. He offered him the choice either to fight and meet certain death, or proceed and let the Knight to take Gawaine's life.

Arthur chose to fight. He unhorsed successfully the Black Knight three times and went on to free Gawaine.

It is not known whether the Knight left after his defeat, or was killed.

Behind the scenes[]

"The secret is to memorize and react properly to his moves. He does everything in a four blow sequence. By the first three moves you should know what he is going to do next, and attack accordingly."
Douglas Herring, creator of the joust sequence and art designer

The fight involves use of shield and lance. Both have 4 points of movement: up-down and right-left. As for the shield, the Knight will aim at the direct opposite point of that set by the player. That means if the player has the shield low-left, the Knight will aim up-right. This however consists the Knight predictable; a good idea is to have at first the shield steady at one position, and as soon as he approaches, quickly move the shield at the opposite position

Skill Points on defeating the Black Knight depends on both skill level and success

Hard level
24 (without falling)
18 (falling once)
12 (falling twice)