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Fawaz was a Nubian butcher on the Street of David. His shop read TABULAE LANIUS.

Because the fish scent of Hayyam ibn Aziz's shop blew into his, he was constantly angry and would not serve anyone.

Fawaz sells a whole leg of lamb for 5 dinars; Arthur bought from him a signle cut for 6 fulus.


"Be gone, heathen. I do not like the look of you and I serve only who I please and today it does not please me to serve anyone."

Behind the scenes[]

According to Merlin, Tabulae Lanius means "butcher's block", hence "butchery". However it's bad Latin since it actually means "butcher of the block". Correctly it should say "Tabula Lanii".

A scribble on his butchery's wall reads אהלו עוד שולשול or Ichlu Od Shulshul (probably "eat more diarrhea") in Hebrew.


At random occasions, a woman will be seen through the window adjacent to the butchery, undressing for taking a bath, who is Fawaz' daughter. If the player attempts to look girl or window, Fawaz will slice Arthur's head with his cleaver.