Friar Tuck is a curtal Friar and a man of God. He is renowned for his skill with the sword and also for his love for food.

Day 1Edit

He is seen cooking a fish during breakfast while Alan-a-Dale teaes him, sayng that he won'coins.t leave anything for Robin. He also says that he coposes a ballad for his cooking skills. He also tells robin that they are short of some hundred

If Robin hasn't taken his horn, Tuck will tell to Little John, and John brings it to him at the outlook.

When Robin visits the Widow, she says that she is getting ready the wool that Tuck has ordered.

That night Robin was melancholic and Tuck was refilling his mug with ale. Will Scarlet thought an enemy put a spell on him and to shive him before he dies in his sleep.

Day 2Edit

He is outside with Alan and Little John as Robin awakes and notices a gleam in his eye, after his mysterious dream with Maid Marian.

After killing the Fens Monk, Robin can blow his horn. Tuck shows up with the others and sys he will prepare a Christian burial for him.

At night he notices that Robin doesn't drink much grog now. He reminds Robin that he must find a way to enter Nottingham and meet Lobb disguised.

Day 4Edit

After Robin kills Hodge, Tuck says that he will offer him a proper burial, the only Christian thing to do.

If Robin fails to save the Poacher, Tuck will say that every man has his weak moments and Robin must pray for strength so that he can lead them wel.

Day 5Edit

robin wonders where is Tuck and if there is breakfast. Alan says that Tuck is at the Widow's for her wool, and jokes that he is interested in "wool-gathering". Robin finds Tuck comorting the Widow as her sons were betrayed to the Sheriff and arrested in Nottingham.

If Robin captures the Abbey Monk, Tuck takes him to the camp and puts him to chop wood and gatehr firewood to teach him honest work. He is seen hitting his buttocks with his blade .

Behind the scenesEdit

When the player uses the hand icon on Tuck he will say "paululum sursum et dextrorsum" which means "a bit higher and to the right" as if he wants Robin to scratch him.

His stock reply is "Domine dirige nos" which means "Lord direct us"

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