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Galahad image.png
Galahad's portrait
Vital statistics
Title Sir
Gender male
Race human
Faction Knights of the Round Table
Location Camelot/Catacombs

Galahad set forth to find the Holy Grail.


His quest guided him to the Far East. From the harbor of Southampton he sailed for Gaza, leaving behind his horse and mule which were sent back to Camelot.

After visiting many places, he ended up to Jerusalem, having met the Six Guardians of the Goddess. He passed the test of Fatima but failed to pass the Test of Symbols and the Hierophant did not give him the vial of Elixir before entering the Catacombs.

As a consequence he was poisoned when a rat bite him and he laid on a stone slab near the corpses waiting for death.

Arthur found him and despite also being bitten by a poisoned rat, he gave his vial of elixir to Galahad, who fell into a healing coma. The statue of Aphrodite promised Arthur that he will be saved.

When Arthur reclaimed the Grail, Galahad met him outside, at the ruins of the Temple of Aphrodite, and together they were transported to the Chapel of Camelot.


"I am lost in the darkness, hidden from light and life, with only the rats to lust for my flesh and blood. I will die here unless you help me, my king"
―Galahad's vision in the Chapel

Behind the scenes[]

In the legend, Galahad is Launcelot's son but this is not mentioned in the game. Galahad is not portrayed any younger than Launcelot.

In some versions of the legend it is Galahad (or Percival) the worthy knight to actually find the Grail. This is reflected in the game by showing Galahad to be the only of the three knights, who almost reached his goal; although it is Arthur who finally finds it.

The vision of Galahad Arthur received before leaving for his journey, stated he is in darkness. In a later point the narration states that Arthur's labors and travels took months. This means that Galahad had been lost in the catacombs without food, water or light for months before finally Arthur found him.


It is possible that the player misses Galahad before escaping to the surface, or rather prefer to drink the elixir himself instead of giving it to Galahad. In that case, the Grail will condemn Arthur and turn him into ash.