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Gwenhyver was Arthur's queen.


However, the queen reserved her deepest and most passionate love for Launcelot. Arthur knew this but because Launcelot was one of his most chivalrous and loyal knights, buried his bitterness inside him. This was the cause of the curse of Camelot.

Gwenhyver was the last person who saw Launcelot before departing for the quest for the Holy Grail and told her that he would ask advice from the Lady of the Lake in Ot Moor.

When Arthur decided to go and find his knights, he found her in the Queen's Bower. She gave him her last and most beautiful rose to "wear next to his heart" and would guide him.


"There is nothing quite as exciting as a man with a long sword."
―When the player draws Excaliber
"Really, husband. There will be time enough for that if....I mean, when you return."
―When the player types fuck gwenhyver
"Nay, Arthur. You must go now, before the sin of lust makes you unworthy to find the Grail!"
―Gwenhyver, if the player types kiss gwenhyver for a fourth time

Behind the scenes[]

Lance gwen vision.png
  • Gwenhyver will be found in the Queen's Bower the first three times visited by the player. The fourth time she will be gone.
  • Arthur can kiss queen three times. The fourth time she will reply that Arthur shouldn't fall to the sin of lust and become unworthy of the Grail.
  • In the desert on his way to Jerusalem, Arthur will see a mirage of Gwenhyver and Launcelot embracing.