The Hunter with the boar spear
Vital statistics
Gender male
Race human
Faction None
Location Forest Perilous

The Hunter is an inhabitant of the Forest Perilous.


He was a poor man with simple clothes and a worn face. He has a family of five children to feed.

The Hunter had worked hard to collect pelts from foxes and squirrels. He owned a boar spear that once belonged to the Black Knight.

The hunter asks a copper for his information about the forest. He also sells his animal pelts for a silver coin and the spear for a gold coin, which Arthur bought.

Since he realized Arthur's business was urgent, he promised to deliver them to Camelot himself.

Behind the scenesEdit

The hunter will talk about Widdershins, the Black Knight, the Hag, the Mad Monk, the boars.

The Hunter will leave after the player kills the boars, to deliver the pelts to Camelot.

He tells Arthur that he will pray for him and lit a candle in the church, however he also praises Cernunnos.


With a gold coin, he gives the spear, pelts, and advice. If the player wants to buy the pelts before the spear, he will end up baying both 1 silver and 1 gold!


"By Cernunnos! I am a true man, not a bloody courtier!"
―When the player types kiss man
"I'm called Hugo the Bold."
―When the player types ask about name