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Ibrahim was a textile seller in the Street of David.

Once in a moment of weakness he betrayed his wife with Mari but left behind a silken veil, 'supreme in the mastery of the weaver's art, of glorious color and pattern'; and Mari would not return it to him. Ibrahim promised this veil to his wife s proof of his devotion but if he failed, she would leave him.

Arthur ate the apple of truth and Ibrahim narrated his story. Arthur got the veil from Mari and returned it to Ibrahim, who rejoined with his wife.


"So, you are a scoundrel and a friend of Mari, no doubt. Expect no gratitude from me. Here is 1 dirham and be gone, or I will call the city guard to deal with you."
―Ibrahim, when the player types sell veil

Behind the scenes[]

Selling the veil instead of giving it to him, will grant the player 1 dirham but will cost -5 Soul Points