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Ismail ibn Hamid is an antique seller on the Street of David in the shop "ANTIQUARIUS REX". He has several antiques like a bust of Caesar, and claimed to have blood of the prophet Mohammed, hairs from the beard of Guruka Singh; Fingerbones of the saints and a silver from what the Christians call the True Cross.

He also claimed to have a Holy Grail (entrusted to him by an ancient priest who died in his care) and relics of saints (normally 3 dinars, for "today" 2, but for Arthur who has a honest face, only 1).

When Arthur asks for the Grail Ismail will say that the Grail must never go to an ordinary man, but one day a great warrior will ask for it and he should be ready.

When Arthur eats the apple of truth, Ismail will admit that he wants only his money. Immediately after he will exclaim "Chas V'Chalila!" (God forbid) surprised to say so.

From him, Arthur bought a relic of Saint Tariq (possibly genuine).


"Ahalan, habibi. I am Ismail and within my vaults I have wonders, I have miracles, I have relics of the holy saints and prophets."

Behind the scenes[]

If the player attempts to buy the Grail from Ismail, he will claim that he has no more of it. The player however will be rewarded with 5 Skill Points. These points are undocumended in the official hint book, and thus the player can score 367 SPs, whereas the hint book claims that the max is 362 SPs

Ismail's shop will be closed with a curtain over the door after the player visits Fatima. He is the only change in the scenery; all other merchants are in their former positions.

Antiquarius Rex means "Antiquarian King" in Latin.

A Hebrew graffitti on his shop says גנבים כאן or Ganavim Kan ("Thieves are here")