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Lady of the Lake
Lady of the Lake image.png
The Ice Maiden receives the Crystal Heart from Arthur
Vital statistics
Title enchantress
Gender female
Location Ice Palace of Ot Moor

The Lady of the Lake is a water entity which dwells in lakes. Her power and wisdom rivals even that of Merlin. She gave the sword Excaliber to Arthur. It is known that she loved Launcelot and was angry when he spurned her love in favor of Gwenhyver.


At some point Ot Moor was frozen and her Crystal Heart was stolen, perhaps by the Old Ones or their servants.

At some point she became the Ice Maiden when Ot Moor froze. A cold and unloving manifestation, everthing around her is ice, formed from the frozen body of the lake by her magicks. The pillars of ice in the ice palace are formed by her will. The Miraculous Bush of Flowers grows in Ice Maiden's domain, only through her magicks.

When Launcelot visited her to ask information about the Holy Grail, she decided to keep him with her forever in the Ice Palace.

When Arthur came to find Launcelot, he returned her Crystal Heart and regained some of her warmness and kindness. She gave him the advice to take a ship from Southampton and go to Gaza to reach Jerusalem. There he would find the Grail

She said that she did Arthur a favor for holding back his rival but she would release him if he asks. Arthur insisted so and after passing the test of the flowers, she released Launcelot and teleported him back to Camelot.


"Do you think to threaten ME with the very sword I gave you from my own hand? Once only will I tolerate this, or you will suffer the fate of Launcelot"
―When Arthur draws the sword

Behind the scenes[]

In the legend, the Lady of the Lake raised infant Launcelot which kinda explains why she wanted him with her in the game.

Gwenhyver when asked about Launcelot will describe the Lady of the Lake as "the watery tart". This is taken from a line in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where "Dennis" said to Arthur "...but you can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you!"


If the player arrives at her palace without the Crystal Heart (i.e. by means of the Rose) she will tell him that he doesn't have what she needs and will transport Arthur back. Arthur then can reach her palace again guided by the Heart.

If the player draws the sword twice, she will cover Arthur in ice.

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