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Portrait of Launcelot
Vital statistics
Title Sir
Gender male
Race human
Faction Knights of the Round Table
Status Alive
Location Camelot/Ice Palace

Launcelot is one of Arthur's knights. Gwenhyver reserved her deepest and most passionate love for him. Arthur knew this but because Launcelot was one of his most chivalrous and loyal knights, buried his bitterness inside him. This was the cause of the curse of Camelot.



Gwenhyver was the last person to talk to him before he went seeking the Grail. He sought information in Ot Moor, from the Lady of the Lake. However because of the curse of Camelot, she became ice cold and angry of neglecting her, she imprisoned him in a wall of ice to have him always there.

Arthur went to the Ice Palace to negotiate for his life. He gave the Crystal Heart to the Ice Maiden, who told Arthur that he should thank her for keeping a rival away, but he would free him should Arthur ask.

After giving him advice about finding the Grail, Arthur requested Launcelot to be freed. In order to do so, he agreed to answer her questions in the language of the flowers.

With this, she released Launcelot and teleported him to Camelot.

Of course, as soon as Arthur was back from his quest, Launcelot and Gwenhyver continued to hang out together.


"Arthur, I cannot move. I cannot escape. And I am so cold, so terribly cold. Ah, how can she be so heartless?!"
―Launcelot's vision in the Chapel
"Ah... Uhmmm... we are just good friends"
"I do not wish to be indelicate, but the Queen might be the best person to ask."
Merlin when Ask about Lancelot
"No wonder Gwenhyver prefers Launcelot, from whose refined lips such words were never spoken."
―Merlin sometimes when the player types fuck

Behind the scenes[]

As with the other two Knights, Arthur can leave Lancelot to his fate and spare the challenge of the flowers; since he doesn't die, this doesn't cost Soul Points. However at the end the Grail will punish Arthur.

Although it is not mentioned in the game, in the legend Lancelot was raised by the Lady of the Lake, which explains why she wanted to keep him back with her.

Leaving Launcelot there without rescuing him, has a penalty of 50 Soul points.