Conquests Omnipedia

Little John is the most stoud and loyal of Robin's men

Day 1[]

After breakfast he goes to the Overlook watch over Watling Street. He tells to Robin that he saw a Sherrif's man earlier and then leaves. He tells that he is going to visit the Widow as her sons will visit Nottingham (he doesn't mention it if Robin already visited her). If Robin didn't take his horn, he tells that Friar Tuck told him to fetch his horn and handles it to Robin.

In the evening John is worried with Robin's melancholy, and when he is drunk, he carries him a bit carelessly to his bed. If Robin didn't save the Peasant Woman earlier, he tells him that Jack took her to a tower room to has his way with her, until she jumped to her death.

Day 2[]

In the morning he is outside with Alan-a-Dale and Tuck. Seeing the piece of emerald that appeared mysteriously in Robin's dream, he says that he should have more such dreams to become rich. When Alan makes a similar remark, Robin tells him to dunk him in the river.

After killing the Fens Monk, Robin can blow his horn. John shows up with the others.

If Robin fails to save Marian, John attempts to console him saying that he should worry about a woman that was only a dream.

Day 3[]

If Robin failed to meet the Beggar, John appears in the camp. He met the beggar on Watling Street, traded his rags with some coins and left them in Robin's cave for him.

Day 5[]

In the morning Will tells Robin that John is probably on the Overlook (although he doesn't appear there).

If Robin blows his horn in front of Hodge, John will come with other men and will remind that it is their code to deal fairly with their enemies, and leave. After Hodge is killed, John offers to smuggle the killed deer to the Poacher's home with Will.