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Mad Monk
Mad Monk image.png
The Mad Monk welcoming Arthur
Vital statistics
Title Monk
Gender male
Race human
Faction None
Health 3 hits
Location Glastonbury Tor

The Mad Monk was a mysterious (and dangerous) hermit of Glastonbury Tor in service to the Old Ones. Arthur was able to vanquish him.


A strange monk who had taken up residence in the ruins atop Glastonbury Tor to seek ilumination. There, he was trapped by the Old Ones who needed a "servant", and also taught him many secrets. The monk was fond of the crystal heart hidden in the Chalice Well as his treasure.

Perhaps after magic taught to him by the Old Ones, he surrounded the base of the Tor with a sorcerous barrier and the five stones that speak.

His reputation reached Forest Perilous like the Hunter and Gawaine who reached the forest, warned Arthur about him. Gawaine believed that the Holy Grail was in his possession.

When Arthur came to the Tor, the Monk "welcomed" him. However he was soon enraged and set up for him an ambush with two identical illusions. Nonetheless Arthur slew him with Excaliber. His body was dissolved and transformed to the Old Ones, who told Arthur that he is now their servant.


"Thief! Robber! You will never leave here alive"
―Mad Monk
"It is a ruined, desolate, lonely place. You cannot be enjoying it, so go away"
―Mad Monk when asked about Tor
"Well la-dee-da. And I'm the Emperor of Rome."
―Mad Monk when told I am Arthur or I am King.
"I should have expected no less from an armed barbarian"
―Mad Monk when told a vulgar word

Behind the scenes[]

It is not known if the Monk had any relation to the Hag. It was her who turned men into stone, however he put up the five stones around the Tor.

It appears that the Mad Monk doesn't even know or care about the fact that Arthur is the King of England and openly mocks Arthur for mentioning it.

Saying any vulgur words to the monk will give a comment about not being suprised about such language from a barbarian like him implying his distrust of Arthur from the moment he arrived.

The Mad Monk is irritated when asked about Grail or Well. To the former he replies that the power is his, to the second he replies that Arthur will not rob his treasure. He can also be irritated when the player approaches him with Excaliber unsheathed. It is also interesting to note that if you ask about the key he will also become enraged despite the fact that the player shouldn't know about it yet (technically logically the need for the key can be deduced by the locked well, and the Monk is the only local who might know about it).

When the Mad Monk dies he shouts In vino veritas; it is a Latin proverb meaning "In wine there is truth". Possibly it means that the Mad Monk was a drunkard.


3 monks.png

The Mad Monk fights with two illusions, which are harmless, and can't be hit. When you find the real Mad Monk, you must hit him thrice.

Hitting the Mad Monk grants Skill Points depending on the difficulty level. Being hit by the monk reduces the same amount of points. These are

±3 points

Killing the Monk in hard level without getting hit grants 15 points