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Mari was a wench living above Mohammed in the Street of David. She had an interest mainly in rich men.

Once in a moment of weakness Ibrahim ibn Bushir betrayed his wife with Mari and also left behind a silken veil; Ibrahim promised this veil to his wife as proof of his devotion otherwise she would leave him. However Mari would not return it to him not believing that he would prefer his wife over her.

Arthur shouted her below her window 'with lungs like hamshin, the all powerful wind' and asked about Ibrahim. Mari asked something that would prove her beauty; Arthur traded a mirror for the veil.


"From the layers of paint upon her face, the excessive jewelry, the dyed hair and other signs, I would call this woman more than a trifle vain"
"I see you are a foreigner, but from, the look of you, not a very rich one. I only have time for rich men."
―Mari to Arthur
"You truly are a pest. Go away."
―Mari, when the player types sell mirror