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Marian is a maid from Nottingham who serves Queen Eleanor. She is also a priestess of the forest and serves the Blessed Lady, the Virgin-Queen of Heaven.

Day 1[]

At night Robin has a strange dream of Marian dancing the Spiral Dance in the Willow grove who then disappears leaving a piece of emerald. When waking up he finds the emerald near him. Marian has the same dream, feeling her true love watching her, and finds a diamond heart.

Day 2[]

Marian visit Sherwood Forest with her horse to meet Robin Hood and see if she can trust him. She was followed at attacked by a Fens Monk, but Robin kills him. She says she wanted to meet the outlaw leader, and sees that she can trust him. As his "first reward" she leaves her slipper to him ad leaves.

Day 4[]

Marian is now in the wilow grove. After meeting Lobb, Robin wil show her a silver comb as a token. She explains the evil pans of Prince John as well as the monastic order of the Fens made of soldiers in his service. She aso says that there is a scroll stolen from her and kept there, and Robin promises to fetch it.

If Robin shows the emerald heart, she wil reveal hat she had the same dream and that she is a priestess of the ancient powers. She explains that joined together they can heal. they are betrothed but she says they can marry only after King Richard returns.

(If Robin tries to show the emerald heart first she wil ignore it; when he shows it later, afer the comb, she will explain that she expected the comb, so she didn't notie what it was.)

Behind the scenes[]

If the player fails to save Marian from the monk, the next day Lobb will kill Robin when he presents him the slipper.