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Old Ones
Old ones.png
The Old Ones
Vital statistics
Title god
Race elemental spirits
Faction moon
Location Glastonbury Tor

The Old Ones is a name sometimes given to ancient, elemental spirits. Often human ancestors worshiped them as gods, but they are not, though they can be powerful, and are known to be liars.


A trinity of Old Ones was worshiped by Druids on Glastonbury Tor. They were the eldest servants of mother-moon and loved most dearly silver which gleams cold and pure like hardened moonlight. For centuries they were without a servant until the Mad Monk came to the Tor for hermitage, to whom they taught many secrets.

When Arthur killed the Monk, the Old Ones trapped Arthur as their servant. He contacted them to their altar and offered them with five pieces for silver. This being more valuable than a servant, they gave him an iron key to break the circular spell, and left.

Behind the scenes[]

The Old Ones can be contacted only in the altar screen, when typing talk to old ones or ask old ones about.

Their design is like semi-transparent angry tentacled aliens (similar to heads of Cthulhu or its starspawn). However this form is not clear to see in-game because of their transparency set over the screen background, combined with the pixelized low resolution graphics; the in-game result appears rather like fuzzy luminous spheres.

Their "tentacled alien" form perhaps is reference to the theories that the ancient gods were alien beings (as discussed in The Cult of Alien Gods: H. P. Lovecraft and Extraterrestrial Pop Culture)