Sarah was a felafel cook and seller in the Street of David, adjacent to the Jaffa Gate. Her stand was frequented by the mute beggar boy Joshua. When Arthur bought a felafel for 1 fal, and gave it to the urchin.

After he ate the apple of truth, she admitted that she was tired of felafel and longed for some lamb. Arthur bought some lamb for her. This good example made her ashamed for criticizing those who leave Joshua hungry when she had food to spare.

She called Joshua to come and she would feed, clothe and raise him as her son in honor of Arthur.


"Buy it? Does no-one do anything in this world without seeking gain? Very well, I will give you 3 fals for it, since you have gone to the trouble"
―Sarah, if the player types sell lamb

Behind the scenesEdit

Selling the lamb to Sarah instead of giving it, will grant Arthur 3 fals but will reduce -5 Soul Points.

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