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The Harbourmaster in front of Kristi.

Southampton is a location in southern England. It is associated with Sir Bevis who is said to have killed the giant Ascapart here.

It is the port from which one takes a ship to travel to all parts of the world. A fair amount of business is done here, with tin, furs and weapons, in exchange for trade goods of many kinds. Its not uncommon to find packages and pots filled with spices, furs, cloth, ivory, amber, glass beads, wax, oil, wine, honey or pottery.

Rollin' Jack is the harbourmaster.


Behind the scenes[]

Arthur can also try to go to Dublin, Rennes, Rome, and Thessalonica. If he goes to Dublin, he will be killed by Vikings, if he goes to Rennes, the ship will crash on rocks, if he goes to Rome, he will be killed in a storm, and if he goes to Thessalonica, he will be killed by Saracens.