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The Street of David is a bazaar street of Jerusalem, entered by the Jaffa Gate. It led to a dead end, surrounded by a "sacred" wall. Beyond that wall, the Catacombs lay.

Arthur entered Jerusalem there, and was tested in spirit by the Six Guardians.




mirror, relic, herbs, broom, charcoal, lamb, apple, veil, felafel, elixir

Behind the scenes[]

In reality, the Street of David is today known as El-Bazar and belongs to the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.


While Arthur has to do good deeds to pass the test by helping people and giving things to them, the player can type sell instead of give. The people will react irritated and won't improve themselves.

If the player types kiss or fuck a man or woman in the bazaar, all characters will reply with one of the following Hebrew insults:

  • Yesh l'cha chara l'sechel ("you have a shitty mind")
  • Kus em'ak ("motherfucker")
  • Ta'chel chara ("eat shit")
  • Ta'sim et ze b'tachat! ("put it in your ass")

The above make Conquests of Camelot the only Sierra game ever with explicit insults mentioned in dialogue, although the average American player would never understand them.

There are some Hebrew graffiti writings on the walls:

  • Shulshul (possibly referring to the word Shilshul which means both "earthworm" and "diarrhea")
  • Od Shulshul ("more Shulshul")
  • Ichlu Od Shulshul ("eat more Shulshul")
  • Ganavim Kan ("Thieves are here")