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Tariq ibn Rashid was the cousin of Achmed ibn Yahya and a merchant on the Street of David. He had lamps of fine craftmanship; oils of the purest quality; fragrant herbs that sweeten the air and lend freshness to even the foulest rooms; scented oils for sweetness of the body that would moisten the skin and inflame passions; vases and bottles made by the finest artisans with delicate colors; and charcoal.

Once his cousin promised him to bring him a relic of Saint Tariq from his pilgrimage but failed to do so. As a punishment, Tariq cursed him as an oathbreaker and would not sell him a broom for no price. Achmed offered a good amount of money but still, his inn was overcome with filth and could not open it for anyone. Not only that but he kept it in plain sight and refused to sell it because it annoyed Achmed.

He told that story to Arthur after he ate the apple of truth. Arthur bought him a relic and gave him the broom. Arthur also bought a batch of herbs for 1 dirham and charcoal for 2 fulus.


"A genuine relic! IT is not as pleasurable as receiving it from my cousin, Achmed, but... I will give you 1 dirham."
―Tariq, if the player types sell relic

Behind the scenes[]

Tariq's shop says LUCERNAE Latin for "oil lamps". Underneath it says Π. ΛΕΔΓΕΡ which reads P. Ledger in Greek.

When the player examines the sign, Merlin will say that he cannot translate the Greek letters since his Greek is too long out for use.


If the player attempts to sell the relic, Tariq will give him 1 dirham but it will cost -5 Soul Points.