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The Athene (named after the Goddess Athene) is a ship that sails from Southampton (disguised as ΚΡΙΣΤΙ to Athens (note that the city is named after the goddess).

Behind the scenes[]

If the player selects to sail with Athene, the following will happen.

  • The skilled Captain beats past Celtic Brittany with all speed thanks to good winds.
  • At Malaga you get your first sight of those who worship Islam. Their manners and dress are strange to you, yet they are hospitable to any man who worships the one god, no matter by what name he is called.
  • In Tunis the worshippers of Allah seem much the same but are ruled instead by the Aghlabid Emirate under the Abbasid Empire.


  • As you approach Athens, a corsair filled with Saracen pirates overtakes your ship.
  • You fight like the great warrior you are, but the Saracens are many and merciless. You are finally cut down and thrown to the fish.