The Saracen was the last of the Six Guardians of the Holy Grail. He waited on the Temple of Aphrodite who would come to seek the Holy Grail and test them in body.

For a fair fight, he offered a magic helmet of protection to his adversaries.

The skeleton of one of his victims remained on the exit of the Catacombs.

Arthur defeated him and he was transformed into a dove and lost in the sky.

Behind the scenesEdit

In order to last in the battle after the rat bite, the player must eat the apple offered to him by Tamra.

The Saracen dies in one of three ways: decapitated, cut in half, or loses his leg, since sword hits are in those 3 points.

If the player draws sword without/before typing get helmet, the Saracen with automatically split his skull open with one hit.

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