Widdershins is a forest sprite that inhabits the bronze shrine of Cernunnos. Widdershins became obsessed with making bronze, an alloy of copper and tin. Though not a troll, he asks for copper or tin as a toll for safe passage through the Forest Perilous on the way to Glastonbury Tor. The Hunter had it occupied with flakes of tin.

He plays tricks on those who do not pay his toll.


"Copper or tin! Copper or tin!
Copper or tin for Widdershins!
I am no troll but that is my toll!
Copper or tin for Widdershins!"
"Single-minded creature. Isn't it?"
―Merlin, when the player ask widdeshins about anything


If the player leaves without paying, the sprite will steal his purse. As a consequence, he won't be able to buy the boar spear from the Hunter, and will be killed by the boars soon after.

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