Conquests Omnipedia

Will is an old and experienced outlaw, he knows forest lore better than any other and is a formidable bowman.

Day 1[]

While Friar Tuck and Alan-a-Dale were bickering, he went to the glade and train with Simon.

After Robin kills Jack, he tells Will to take his body to the wolves and ravens

At night, seeing Robin's melancholy, he suggested that a spell was on him and told Tuck to bless him in case he dies in his sleep. Tuck scolded him for terrifying Robin.

Day 2[]

In the morning Will appears with a message from Lobb, that Robin must go to Nottingham with a lady's slipper, so as to deliver to him some news about King Richard.

After killing the Fens Monk, Robin can blow his horn. Much shows up with the others.

At night he says that Marian and other women can wait, as there is Lobb's business to do first. If Robin failed to save Marian, Will tries to comfort him saying to try to forget her and look to other matters.

Day 3[]

At night he will start bickering with Alan.

Day 4[]

He is seen in the camp in the morning and says that Little John is probably at the Overlook.

If Robin fails to save the Poacher from Hodge, he will say that the Poacher was hanged for his crime.

Day 5[]

If Robin blows his horn after talking to the Widow, Will will say that he knows her sons were captured, and that he will gather the band. He tells Robin to go to the Overlook in his stead until he get an idea in the meantime.

Day 5-6[]

If Robin kills the Fens Monk with his bow, Will shows up with Tuck, having heard the Monk challenging him. Will said that the challenge was fair, and if Robin was afraid, he would offer to fight for him.